Thursday, 21 March 2013

Number 7 - In Which Twitter Mocks The Mighty.

I'm back on my feet again after being struck down by a fearful curse. (Pleurisy, bleurgh.) Things at work are changing, and I'm supposed to be working right now in fact, but I am not. I am procrastinating by writing this, wasting far too much time on Twitter and howling with laughter at Buzzfeed.

Three words: Poor George Osborne. You have to feel sorry for the weak-willed little wanker. He goes and tries to get all down with today's society, joins Twitter then gets publicly ridiculed and lambasted. I wonder how long he'll last?

In other news, I saw my first lamb of the year today. Super cute. And I also go emailed this delightful picture which reminded me not to complain about being cold:

I'm colder than you, so stop complaining. 

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