Saturday, 13 April 2013

Number 9 - In Which We Find The Dream House.

The last couple of weeks has been a time of firsts.

First lambs spotted, always adorable. (On the coast in North East England, near the coolest castle in the country).
First time my debit card has been rejected. (Oh, the horror. It was in Sainsbury's. In peak-shopping time on a busy Saturday. The day before Easter Sunday.)
First time I've ever not devoured my Easter Eggs in one sitting. (Due to a dodgy tummy after an even dodgier curry.)
And we were the first to view a house that has just come onto the market. It was perfect so that same day we hotfooted it to the lettings agent and pretty much said "we HAVE to have it!"

We got it. We move in May. Hurrah!

Oh, and my debit card? Cloned by some total bastard somewhere and used to buy shitty online games at $20 a go, and online casino credits. Classy. No doubt the actions of a spotty teenager, sitting at home in his room, in his underwear somewhere. I will hunt you down you little wanker. And tell on you to your mother.

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