Monday, 3 March 2014

Number 38 - Can You Keep A Secret?

I have a dirty little secret that I am not ashamed of, but certainly not going to announce to anyone but you, dear reader.

I do a lot of travelling as part of my job, mostly on public transport. That is not my secret though.

My secret is, whilst I am to-ing and fro-ing I read erotica. Lots of it. 

It was much harder to do before the invention of e-books. I once had a paper copy of The Story of O in my bag which I then dropped in the corridor at University. Out fell "O" and I was presumed from then on to be into BDSM. I never really lived it down. I still see one of my Uni friends who asks whether I've been whipped lately. As it happens, the last time he asked, I had. But that is another story.

But since e-books came along, I can sit on the train or bus and read such saucy filth that I can become flushed, highly aroused and NOBODY KNOWS! 

There is an illicit thrill in that. Firstly; reading how demure Charlotte can be bent over, flogged with a paddle and then fucked in the arse by her Dom boss. And secondly because I can be sitting here reading it with a throbbing pussy and tingly nipples whilst fully clothed and surrounded by business suits, OAPs and stroppy kids. 

I'm on the bus now, on the way home. I've just finished a book by Kit Rocha which has me squirming in my seat. I'm sure if I had a mirror, my face would be slightly flushed and I reckon my pulse is a bit faster than normal. 

I'm not sorry. 

So, dear reader, the next time you are on public transport and see a mid- thirties blonde woman reading something on her phone or tablet, probably smirking slightly and possibly a little bit flushed, give them a wink and a smile.

Actually, don't. Cos that would be a bit weird. Unless you look like George Clooney or Christina Hendricks. If you do, wink away. We'll talk. 

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